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Are you tired of replacing your outdoor gear year after year? Plastic gear is bad for the planet and can get brittle in extreme temperatures while some metal gear rusts. You hate the buy, use a couple times, and replace cycles, but you’ve had a hard time finding gear that does what you need it to do and stands the test of time.

Well, today is your lucky day. Founded in 2018, SilverAnt is a family founded business with a diverse multicultural team with staff from the UK, Czech, Egypt, Slovenia, Japan, and China. SilverAnt’s mission is to create ultralight titanium outdoor gear that is built for a lifetime of adventures. This family and friend-owned company creates ultralight outdoor camping cookware, utensils, water bottles, tea and coffee sets, as well as stoves and accessories from Titanium. Titanium is biocompatible, which means there are no harmful chemicals as well as being strong, durable, and ultralight.

They have a unique ability to research and develop the best outdoor products because they own their own factory. This titanium outdoor gear producing factory is certified to the highest level for manufacturing titanium. All of their products are further tested with SGS, the FDA, and the Japanese food agency. Talk about going above and beyond to make sure they’re producing the best. Plus, all of their products are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty because their titanium products are built for a lifetime.

For those that hike or camp where weight could make or break your back, SilverAnt’s ultralight, well-built gear is ideal. Although they offer a wide range of products, today we are going to be looking at their 800ML Titanium Water Bottle, 3 Piece Cutlery Set, and 3 Piece Pots and Pan Set.

The 3 Piece Pot Set comes with retractable handles, nesting design for easy storage. This nesting design makes them ideal for cooking and storing food inside. Cooking with titanium is great as it’s biocompatible and anti-corrosive. The set has gradation marks for measuring water so you won’t have to pack extra measuring cups. Also, you can repurpose the frying pan as a lid to boil water quickly without taking up extra space in your pack.

The 3 Piece Cutlery Set is an ultralight, strong and durable utensil alternative. You can store them together with the carabiner so you don’t lose any utensils. It’s a practical knife, spoon, and fork set that can be used with dehydrated food bags as well as campfire cooking and preparation.

The Titanium 800ml Water Bottle is leak proof with a silicone food grade seal. 100% titanium construction. Titanium is anticorrosive and biocompatible so no harmful chemical leaching or BPA’s in contrast to stainless steel or plastic. The single-wall titanium construction means you can place it on a stove and boil water. This makes it perfect when unsafe water may be your only option. For unsafe water boil first and then add a purification tablet.

If you’re ready to ditch the single use cutlery, pots and pans that rust, and water bottles that can’t boil water, SilverAnt is exactly what you’re looking for. Together these 3 products make a go-to set for the ultralight adventurer.

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