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The ultimate kit from Karbon. Worth $650.

Karbon’s Diamond Tech & Graphite Alpha collections pay tribute to classic ski and give you all the tech to take you anywhere. Sport is in our DNA, and we have been delivering the best technical apparel since '97. Each Karbon garment is designed and engineered to help you perform to your maximum level. Nothing about you says compromise, Karbon There are no limits.

The Ultimate Shredding Tool - BackSlash Snowboard from Telos Snowboards

Telos Snowboards are driven to deliver you the most innovative, high quality snowboards so that you can maximize the enjoyment of every precious mountain moment. Their boards are crafted by a team of committed riders with 30 years of design and board-building experience behind them. Each board is infused with their passion for riding and obsession for improvement. Making the best snowboards isn't just something they do; it's something they have to do. It's in their DNA, it’s their passion and ultimate purpose.

A $300 Christy Sports Gift Card (For Skis/Snowboards, Goggles, Winter Clothing, and more!)

Christy Sports is proud to help you Step Outside this winter! We offer ski, snowboard, snow, and outdoor living gear for all skill levels and activities.

Over $400 in Zipline gear: MrDW Adjustable pole, KLIK Goggles, Rucksack, and 'Sunnies' sunglasses. Elevate your adventure today!

Zipline Ski is an Official U.S. Ski Team Supplier of ski poles, goggles, and race protective equipment. So, we know how to make ski gear to the highest performance standards and have a few Olympic medals by skiers such as David Wise to our credit. So, ski with Zipline and ski like a gold medalist.

Ski and snow prize pack from CEP!

CEP Compression is a sportswear brand that specializes in compression socks and apparel to help you meet all of your sport and lifestyle needs.

$250 cash from The GIST!

$250 cash to put towards your next outdoor adventure!

The Jerky Slam

A 6-pound package featuring 1-pound selections of six types of jerky: slab, western strip, teriyaki, sweet n spicy beef, sweet n spicy turkey, and honey turkey.

$250 Gift Card from ZipGlove!

ZipGlove™ is Good Morning America's 2022 Best Glove For Kids. It has zippers on both sides allowing it to be COMPLETELY opened so that kids can see EXACTLY where their fingers need to go. ZipGlove is great for around town and the slopes and, best of all goes #OnInAZIP!

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