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The ultimate 3 Ply shell kit from Karbon. Value $840.

Karbon's 3 ply stretch shell outfit & ultra lite puffy insulator give you all the tech to take you anywhere. Sport is in our DNA, and we have been delivering the best technical apparel since '97. Each Karbon garment is designed and engineered to help you perform to your maximum level. Nothing about you says compromise, Karbon There are no limits.

🔥 $250 Bundle of Warmth from Heat Holders®🧦

7x warmer than a regular cotton sock, Heat Holders® are the warmest thermal socks—ever! Our socks, accessories and apparel, will have you covered from head-to-toe with warmth, softness and comfort…all winter long! With over 50 million units sold worldwide and over 40,000 5-star reviews, see why everyone loves Heat Holders®!


The new OTS-XLT thermal monocular from ATN is an affordable thermal monocular designed to support both video recording and picture capturing during your outdoor activity. At just about 0.81 lb, the OTS-XLT is a fairly lightweight night vision monocular. In terms of power consumption, this thermal monocular runs on an advanced power source that’s able to keep it in constant action for over 10 hours, allowing you ample time to accomplish your mission and outdoor fun activities.

A year of skincare from MANTL

Protect your skin from wind-chap and sunburn this winter and all year long. MANTL is on a mission to fix personal care - to make simple, effective and versatile skincare for people on the go. Because life can be complex, but skincare doesn't need to be.

Over $400 in Zipline gear: MrDW Adjustable pole, KLIK Goggles, Rucksack, and 'Sunnies' sunglasses. Elevate your adventure today!

Zipline Ski is an Official U.S. Ski Team Supplier of ski poles, goggles, and race protective equipment. So, we know how to make ski gear to the highest performance standards and have a few Olympic medals by skiers such as David Wise to our credit. So, ski with Zipline and ski like a gold medalist.

$250 cash from The GIST!

$250 cash to put towards your next outdoor adventure!

AKALO's Wearable Wellness Winter Bundle - Prize pack worth $400

AKALO Wearable patches provide continuous, slow-release delivery of vitamins to your body through the skin - delivering up to 10x longer than swallowing pills. AKALO’s B1 and D3 vitamin patches were uniquely designed for: Hangover Prevention, Jet Lag Mitigation, Better Sleep, and Immune Health Support. Live Fully - Achieve More with AKALO!

A $300 e-Gift Card from Sunice

Sunice stands for excellence in performance and style. Driven by passion and enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology and design, Sunice continues to advance in achieving the latest performance outerwear, layering systems and sportswear for wherever your favorite sport or activity takes you.

Ultimate CBD Bundle Plus $200 Card

The Ultimate Kind Oasis CBD Bundle is curated to ease your mind and body. Pop a gummy, light a candle, pour some bath magic into the tub, and sip tea as you relax into bliss. Plus, you’ll receive lip balm, rapid relief stick and massage oil, insulated mug, honey, and Kind Oasis swag. Plus, a $200 gift card to shop online!

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