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Solo Stove Bonfire

If you are hosting a party or extended picnic and you need something to keep people entertained and warm, consider one of Solo Stove’s fire pits. Their fire pits are essentially a hollow metal container with a grill grate inside. These portable fire pits are designed for a wide range of applications like tailgate parties, outdoor movie nights, weddings, graduation parties, and corporate events. These fire pits are so lightweight and easy to transport that you can set them up virtually anywhere.

Portal fire pits have a distinctive, sleek and stylish design that is sure to draw attention.

The Bonfire from Solo Stove, is the perfect portable firepit for backyards, camping, or glamping. It’s portable yet large enough to entertain a decent-sized group of people of up to about 8. This fire pit is made with beautiful stainless steel weighing in at just 20lbs and is big enough to share but, small enough to carry.

One of the more incredible things about Solo Stove is they have a Patented Airflow System that Maximizes Efficiency And Minimizes Smoke. We’ve all been there when the smoke from a fire seems to be following us around. The Bonfire has a double wall that allows airflow from the bottom to be pulled into the fire pit fueling the bottom of the fire. This also preheats the air that flows towards the top of the fire pit making it burn more completely making it way more efficient and thus producing way less smoke. More efficient burn also means you can get more fire from the fuel you’re using. Efficiency and less smoke, win win. Plus, their airflow system also helps create a hotter burn, and leaves less ash to clean up.

On top of that, the ash pan keeps fire suspended and fully exposed to air so it burns evenly. If you’re looking for an efficient, portable, and clean looking fire pit Solo Stove’s Bonfire could be exactly what you’re looking for.

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