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Steeped Coffee

Steeped Coffee is an ecofriendly option to premium single-serve coffee. Steeped coffee comes in special tea bags designed specifically for coffee making it extremely easy to have a cup of REAL coffee (we’re not talkin’ instant coffee, here) on the go. The method is simple and if you try it yourself and follow the directions properly you’ll end up with coffee that’s not really any different than the coffee you would make with a french press.

On top of phenomenal coffee, the package, the coffee, and the coffee bag are all compostable and the coffee itself is out of this world! In fact, this method has also been welcomed by the artisan coffee industry with open arms. Their compostable plastic containers are a huge step forward in terms of sustainability and something that they are really paving the way with. In fact, because their entire packaging method is so unique and their sustainability standards are high they work with a lot of smaller roasters in different capacities. If you’re looking for a simple single-serve coffee method that won’t have you compromising on flavor Steeped Coffee is definitely worth checking out.

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