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Gift certificate for $250 worth of Kayak Jack apparel and gifts!

Kayak Jack's mission is to make kayaking accessible. Sherri Blum’s patented invention, The Kayak Jack, helps you get your kayak onto and off of a car's roof rack with ease and doubles as a storage rack and rigging station. Proceeds from the sale of our solar shirts, hats, and gifts help with the cost of developing the invention. Elevate Adventure!

Hala Gear Straight Up Inflatable SUP Kit

The Straight Up is perfect for recreational paddlers who enjoy exploring high alpine lakes, reservoirs, and lazy rivers. The quality material and careful construction give the Straight Up rigid stability and precise maneuverability that will make even beginner paddlers feel confident.

$400 dollar gift card for Level Six!

Level Six is a water sports company that has its roots in whitewater kayaking gear but has expanded into everything you need for life on the water. From SUPs to swimwear they do it all. They are particularly proud of their ethically sourced fully recycled fabrics and their complete elimination of single use plastics within their supply chain.

Bixpy PP-166 Power Station & SUN45 Solar Panel

Bixpy is a California-based company, focused on making innovative, electric outdoor propulsion and energy storage systems for water sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The Bixpy PP-166 Power Station is the ultimate rugged, powerful, waterproof Power Station for all of your outdoor needs. You can stay powered all day long with the help of the SUN45 Solar Panel!

Ultimate MAGLITE® Great Outdoor Prize Pack

MAGLITE® Great Outdoor Prize Pack – Includes one black SOLITAIRE® LED flashlight w/ 1 premium alkaline battery (AAA) and 1 key lead, One ML50LX LED 2C (black matte). Once MAG CHARGER Powerbank. One white safety wand / traffic cone for the ML50LX. Once Spectrum Series® LED XL50 green beam flashlight. One dark / green / black Maglite EDC Backpack.

$250 cash from The GIST!

$250 cash to put towards your next outdoor adventure!

$250 in hats of your choice from Sunday Afternoons!

Sunday Afternoons offers a year-round collection of lightweight, breathable, UPF 50+ sun protective headwear and accessories.

Metabolic Test Kit + Vitamins

Honed takes the guesswork out of your supplements. Test your cellular nutrient levels for unmatched health insights and a personalized supplement plan delivered right to your door. Your journey to a more optimum you begins here!

Meyer Market's USDA Prime Ultimate Steak Box valued at $299

Each of Meyer Market's best-selling premium steaks are certified USDA Prime, offering the ultimate in marbling and flavor. Whether you are firing up the grill this weekend for friends & family, stocking up for the summer or just looking to send this as a special gift, the Ultimate Steak Box is guaranteed to be amazing for any occasion!

Set of Broken Top camp chairs with umbrellas

Our mission is to create a line of welcoming and approachable premium whiskies. We are doers, makers, builders and creators. We want to be by your side through life’s adventures and as you pursue your passions. Our bold spirit matches yours, so we’ll see you in the mountains, canyons, lakes and streams.

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