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Stress Free Beaching in Style

Summer is fast approaching and we’re all ready to get out in nature and enjoy the weather, especially the beach. But laying out on a towel on the hard, uneven sand isn’t as comfortable as it looks. Plus, an umbrella that is one gust of wind away from blowing across the beach isn’t as stress free as we might have hoped.

You need a comfortable and all-in-one kind of beach chair that will keep you relaxed and stress-free at the beach. In this blog, we are going to be talking about Sunflow and their Shark Tank approved Beach Bundle that will let you relax in style the next time you go to the beach.”

SUNFLOW is a premium beach brand dedicated to transforming every outdoor excursion into a luxurious retreat. Finally being able to truly relax on outdoor adventures and have a truly unwinding time. Their thoughtfully designed, patented products provide an all-in-one beach solution – so you don’t have to lug around that big umbrella anymore!

They use the highest quality materials and innovative technology to offer a carefree, comfortable and a more minimalistic approach compared to traditional beach products. Sunflow was founded on Memorial Day 2020 by Leslie Hsu and Greg Besner. Leslie and Greg, along with their two daughters, are true beach lovers. They spend all their free time at the water’s edge. Sunflow was born out of their frustration with the beach equipment available in the marketplace. Leslie sought to combine fashion and function when creating the Beach Bundle and their entire suite of products.

The Beach Bundle is “MORE than the best seat on the beach” as Sunflow likes to say. It includes 5 products which are The Sunflow Chair, Sun Shade, Drink Holder, Dry Bag, and Towel.

The Sunflow Chair is compact, comfortable, easy-to-carry, and expertly engineered. The fabric is marine grade quality so it is mildew resistant and the frame is the highest quality rust resistant aluminum and the screws are all stainless steel. The back straps make it easier to transport and they are removable. This Sunflow Chair is so simple and easy to set up and put back down. Plus, with a click of a button you can recline up and down into 4 different positions.

The next item in The Beach Bundle is the Sun Shade. Not only does it protect you for up to UPF50+ it also protects you from 98% of the sun’s rays. It’s a necessary added layer of protection to keep your skin safe while you’re soaking up the beach vibes.

Next, is the Drink Holder. This Drink Holder gives you a space to put your drink and adjusts to almost any drink size and collapses when not in use. It pivots 360 degrees and allows you to carry your drink to the beach when you are wearing the chair as a backpack!

Now, to keep your valuables safe from the sand is the Dry Bag. This handy, super sleek looking bag keeps your valuables dry, safe and sand free. With the dry bag, you can drop your wallet and keys into the bag before your feet hit the beach and they’re protected from sand. And last but certainly not least FREE Towel, that attaches to your chair so it won’t fall down or fly away. Dry off in style and never lose your towel down the beach again!

So if you’re looking for that all-in-one kind of chair bundle that is built to last and stand out on the beach for its sleek design. Sunflow’s Beach Bundle is going to help you relax in style and truly enjoy a stress free outdoor experience. So before you head out on your next adventure or head to that beach spot you mentioned in the comments, grab your very own Beach Bundle.

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