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Sunga Life Pocket Silkies

Sunga Life makes swimsuits, silkies, and sungas to give you a more comfortable, progressive, and stylish look while capturing a bit of a patriot flare. If you’re not familiar, sungas are essentially a Brazillian swimsuit sitting somewhere between speedo and short. 

Sunga Life’s Pocket Silkies are Training shorts that take inspiration from the military garment called Silkies. They’re designed to give you as much free movement as possible so they’re great for exercising, swimming, or really just hanging out! Plus, they’re extremely comfortable and they’ll help you look as good as you feel. These shorts are thoughtfully made with function and freedom in mind. Sunga’s Silkies have pockets built into an inner liner to keep your phone and wallet on hand without taking away from mobility. That’s a huge plus because it really cuts down on your belongings bouncing around in your pockets which, let’s face it, can be kind of annoying

Sunga’s Pocket Silkies are made of 100% lycra and offer a 4-way stretch to help make them hold up when you’re getting after it and comfy when you’re lounging on the beach. They also have some really incredible designs if you’re looking for something a little more vibrant and eye-catching. If you’re looking for a pair of shorts that gives you true free range of motion, is super versatile, exorbitantly comfy, and will help you stand out in the best way possible then Sunga Life’s Pocket Silkies are definitely worth checking out!

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