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SylvanSport Dine O Mite Camp Kitchen System + WayLight | RY Outfitters Spotlight


Dine O Mite Kitchen System + Waylight

The Dine O Mite camp kitchen system is essentially a portable island that gives you a large bamboo cooking surface to work with for prepping and cooking meals at camp. The Dine O Mite has a giant 4 sq ft bamboo countertop and even has inserts for a windscreen to keep the wind out of your way when prepping meals, making it perfect for preparing meals in more rugged settings. It packs down using a simple hinged locking mechanism in the legs that makes breaking down and setting only take about a minute. With robust storage, you can easily keep your cooking space organized and fully stoked while built-in tools and an abundance of loops and hooks make it easy to quickly grab essential utensils. The WayLight, is a perfect accessory to keep your campsite illuminated and integrates perfectly with the Dine O Mite kitchen system giving you the ability to cook long into the night after the sun has gone down.

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