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Bouldering Gear Checklist

In the recent past, more and more individuals are engaging in activities that push their bodies to the limit. Bouldering is both an indoor and outdoor intense sport that involves rock climbing on walls or small rocky structures without using harnesses or ropes.

Asana Sidekick Crash Pad + Pro Spotter Pad | RY Outfitters Gear Review

Sidekick Crash Pad:

The Sidekick pad is the perfect starter or add-on pad to any of the other Asana Crash Pads! There is no such thing as too much padding when bouldering and having that extra cushion will only add safety to your sessions. This pad is a boiled-down simplified version of Asana’s other pads. The foam structure handles, and bomber cover construction is still the same but, removed the flaps and padding on the shoulder straps have been removed. Asana’s goal is to add a cheaper less complicated option to boost the effectiveness of some of their more complex models allowing you to add square footage and thickness to your landing zone for less.

Pro Spotter Pad:

This multifunctional bad boy is bringing a lot more to the table than the average supplemental pad. At a glance, it’s a sit-start pad and the finest of it’s kind at that. Beyond that, it can be used as a spotter shield to provide better air control to help your partner land on the crash pad in the event of any falls. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as the pad can unzip to reveal a “pile pad” which eliminates gaps in crashpads to prevent torqued ankles and prevent gaps in your crash pad pile. Lastly, this pad when folded one time in half down the long seam functions as a comfortable sleeping pad that’s perfect for overnight climbing sessions.

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