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Take Two Plant-Based Barelymilk

The company Take Two has taken that search to the next level! How? Well by trying to make a positive impact on the planet, all while providing customers the kind of delicious and flavorful milk alternative that they can use to make any favorite dish, dairy-free!

You’ll love the way this milk froths and pours without separation into your favorite espresso or coffee in the morning. It’s slightly sweet with no hint that it’s barley-based at all. You can use this milk any way you would use typical dairy milk, as it comes in 3 separate flavors: Barista, Unsweetened, and Original.

This milk alternative has 3 – 5 grams of complete plant protein per serving and 10% more calcium than typical cow’s milk. Because it’s so nutrient-dense, there are tons of health benefits from this product as well. The fiber found here can help with digestive issues, weight loss, lowering cholesterol, and control your blood sugar levels. There is also the antioxidant selenium in barley that helps combat free radicals that cause cancer.

Take Two has really committed itself to make this milk in the most eco-friendly way possible. They use a method known as upcycling. Every year billions of pounds of barley are spent after being used through methods like the beer brewing process. Afterward, that barley is often fed to livestock, but much of it simply goes to landfills. Instead of wasting that spent barley, Take Two has developed a process to upcycle, reuse, or rejuvenate this barley to create their Barley Milk!

ONE carton of this nutrient-rich, plant-based barley milk saves 1/3 of a pound of spent grain from going to waste. That is equal to saving about a pound of greenhouse gas emissions. Which is the same as driving about a mile in your car or charging 50 cell phones!! This same upcycled barley conserves over 35 gallons of water too!

If you’re in the market for plant-based milk that is eco-friendly, delicious, and absolutely perfect for your morning coffee, you need to add Barista Barleymilk to your cart today!

Take Your Morning Coffee To Another World With

Take Two Barelymilk

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