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The RY Outfitters Podcast EP: #58 Team Chat 6 – Josh, Drew, and Matt Chat About Membership Updates and Some Exciting Things Lined Up for the Future

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Team Chat 6

The RY Outfitters Team is coming at you, once again, with more updates

Josh, Drew, and Matt sit down and discuss some exciting changes with RY Outfitters’s giveaways, membership updates, and serve up a chance to win a FREE YEAR of our RY Outfitters Membership

More about the episode…

The RY Outfitters Crew sits down to chat about our ever expanding membership program, upcoming giveaways, and a special promotion Luminaid is doing to help support Hurricane Harvey. We’re even introducing a way to win a FREE YEAR of our RY Outfitters Membership!

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Show Notes

  • RY Outfitters Membership Update
    • Officially reached 70 Brands on our membership with an increased discount ceiling of 50% OFF
    • Many many more in the pipeline…
  • Our Next Giveaway: Coalition snow + Wild Rye
    • For our next giveaway we will be focusing on two women owned startups in the outdoor space who are taking a huge step away from the shrink it and pink it mentality.
  • October’s Month Long Giveaway
  • Luminaid standing up to the destruction of Hurricane Harvey
    • LuminAID is currently accepting donations to help support Hurricane Harvey victims
  • Bringing on a stronger social aspect to our giveaways.
    • We are currently working through the details to help support outdoor related charities.
  • First Weekly Podcast Cast Giveaway
    • We’re giving 1 year free RY Outfitters Membership for the first FIVE people to leave a review on itunes

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