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The RY Outfitters Podcast EP: #52 Team Chat 5 – A Very RY Outfitters Anniversary. Josh, Drew, and Matt Reflect on the Past Year.

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It’s been ONE FULL YEAR since we started the RY Outfitters Podcast

Join us as we celebrate and reflect on a year of podcasting

Josh, Drew, and Matt sit down and discuss the RY Outfitters Podcast and what it’s been like to get started in the podcasting world

More about the episode…

The RY Outfitters crew reflect on a year of podcasting, the biggest dollar amount giveaway for RY Outfitters to date, and some of the hurdles we’ve overcome while making the podcast! Drew takes the helm of the podcast and puts Josh and Matt in the hot seat, firing off both personal and technical questions about ourselves and RY Outfitters

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Show Notes

  • Josh and Matt take a serious stroll down memory lane and recall some of their favorite episodes.
  • What was the journey like with jumping into podcasting?
    • Matt: “For the most part when we started, we really just did jump into it. I still am learning and fixing and finding new techniques online…
  • What advice would you give someone who wanted to start a podcast?
    • Josh: “I’ll give the advice that I heard from Tim Ferriss right before we started the podcast. His thought process is that if you’re going to start something new that is going to be a long term project, you should turn it into a learning experience…”
  • What has been the hardest part about creating a podcast?
    • Matt: “For starters, it’s completely unchartered territory for me…every step of the way, any new thing was the first time I’ve dealt with it…I’m not really an organized person, so I had to learn how to be organized and that learning curve has by far been the trickiest…”
    • Josh: “There’s a lot of aspects to it…There are certain people that I had a natural chemistry with when interviewing them…For me learning how to make that happen with people I didn’t have that natural chemistry with, was challenging…”
  • The RY Outfitters crew discusses post giveaway thoughts on our biggest dollar amount giveaway (discover outdoors + MPOWERD
  • Something Unique about you and RY Outfitters?
    • “ RY Outfitters Went from being a ski manufacture to an ecommerce site, to a blog, and shortly after developed to what it is now…over the course of time that was about 6 years…Something unique about me is I studied Natural Resources in college…I went full throttle into it…I applied everywhere under the sun and maybe two or three months later, a really good friend of mine asked if I wanted to move to Colorado…”
    • “My Greatest fear is just fizzling out…having people get bored of us, having us not doing anything new and interesting…to me that would be an even bigger failure than going after some big event or some big grandiose action with RY Outfitters because at least the risk is there and the effort would be behind it…”

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