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Tension Climbing

Tension is a company that specializes in producing various types of climbing equipment. One of their notable products is a wide selection of wooden climbing holds that cater to different levels of climbing difficulty. These holds provide a unique tactile experience for climbers. Apart from wooden holds, Tension also offers campus rungs and hangboards, which are essential tools for climbers looking to build their strength and improve their technique. With a focus on quality and durability, Tension’s climbing equipment is popular among both novice and professional climbers.



The Story of Tension Climbing

Most of us can’t climb outside every day. We have to make the best of the opportunities that we have. In order to train and prepare for our goals many of us are left to train at our homes or in gyms. Climbing and training on sharp plastic holds and hangboards can force you to stop training simply because your skin can’t take it anymore. We decided to start Tension Climbing to provide an alternative.

Climbing on wooden holds is less abrasive on the skin allowing you to train with more consistency, while the lack of texture forces more precise movement and attention.

Climbing and training take dedication and attention to detail. Minute changes in body positioning or the way you grab a hold can be the difference between sending and falling. We take that same dedication and attention when designing and producing each hold. We choose the best type of wood for each shape, and hand finish everything to make sure it meets our standards.

Not only is wood a great material for training products, it is also a more environmentally friendly choice when compared to plastic holds. The holds themselves are biodegradable and the development and manufacturing processes are nontoxic and chemical free. All our products are made from locally sourced American hardwoods and are machined and finished in Denver, Colorado.

If you want to maximize your training time and save your skin for when it really matters, there is no substitute for wooden training holds.

Check them out at tensionclimbing.com



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