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Terra Frma Grab & Go Box

Terra Frma’s Grab & Go Box is a kit for emergency preparedness designed to help walk you through nearly any disaster you may face. It’s a more practical emergency preparedness kit that educates you on how to overcome natural disasters and the circumstances you may find yourself in when they strike. Instead of giving you a bag of supplies and wishing you luck, this kit helps you understand what you might face and how to act when the time comes. The Grab & Go Box thoroughly covers a wide variety of possible disasters, how you should navigate through them while including support on getting through the emotional and psychological trauma of a disaster. It focuses on supporting you analytically and emotionally so that you know how to react and know exactly what tools you should have on hand or need. This kit serves as the perfect guide to what steps you should take to prepare yourself, what you need, and protocols on how to navigate through the preparation phase of a disaster, getting through the disaster itself, and the recovery phase in the aftermath.

When creating this kit, Terra Frma worked with disaster experts in each field of disaster to carefully form each plan. These plans are designed to walk you through steps to recovery from a disaster both to keep you physically safe and navigate the emotional and psychologically challenging experience of a disaster. One of the biggest things that makes Terra Frma stand apart from our disaster prepared programs is they include an action plan for emotional recovery. It’s written by life coach, and trauma specialist for adults and children to not only help you prepare yourself but also help you aid your children or anyone else you might be with both during and after an emergency episode. Having a plan isn’t something you think about when everything is going alright but, it’s definitely something you’ll need if disaster strikes, and Terra Frma’s Grab and Go Box is the perfect thing to make sure you’re ready. 

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