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The Best Camping and Hiking Accessories To Buy This Summer

The Best Camping and Hiking Accessories To Buy This Summer

Whether you and your friends are going car camping or heading out on an extended backpacking trip, having the right gear will make all the difference in how much comfort and enjoyment you experience. When looking for the Best Camping and Hiking Accessories, focus on the top brands to ensure you receive high-quality, reliability and functionality while on your trip. Listed below are some essential items for anyone who loves the outdoors.

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Boulder Denim

When heading out on the trail or into the wilderness, stop and consider the type of pants you want to wear. You are likely to be traipsing through mud and water and occasionally braving the elements. Regular jeans can get wet and uncomfortable and other types of pants typically don’t have the kind of durability you need to stay warm. Boulder Denim stretch jeans offer the flexibility you need while hiking, while providing water and stain resistance. 

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Livsn Designs

Another great pant alternative are flex canvas pants from Livsn Designs. These unique pants provide superior durability and versatility without sacrificing comfort. Made from organic cotton, recycled polyester and 2% spandex, they offer the cotton feel, but dry quicker than similar types of pants. Don’t forget to grab an organic mountain tee and Hi-Wool Polartec fleece to layer while active in the outdoors.


Roman Trail Outfitters

If you have ever gone camping without a sleeping pad you know how important they are to get a good night’s rest. These self-inflating sleeping pads are lightweight and compact enough for backpackers, yet warm enough for car campers to leave all the extra blankets at home. Wake up fully rested with no aches or pains in the morning like you can experience with other types of sleeping pads. These sleeping pads should be at the top of your list for best camping and hiking accessories this year.


Flying Squirrel Outfitters

This sustainable outdoor company makes the best outdoor hammocks available. Using upcycled plastic sourced from the ocean, these hammocks are hand crafted in Thailand instead of mass produced in a factory. Grab a solo one for yourself or buy a basecamp hammock so you and your friends can all chill out together!


Outdoor Element

Carabiners are useful accessories for any outdoor enthusiast. The thing is that they haven’t changed much since they were invented in 1921. Outdoor Element makes the Firebiner and Fire Escape survival carabiners that offer indispensable features such as fire starter ferro rod, a safety blade, bottle opener, screwdriver tip and solid steel construction. An absolute must for any camping or hiking adventure.

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Lever Gear

While we are focused on the best camping and hiking accessories, some of these items can be used in everyday carry too. Lever Gear offers pocket sized multi-tools, small durable carrying cases and mobile charging devices like the Cablekit. The Toolcard Pro has 40 tools available all in a compact, card-sized resource that can be used in almost any situation. This highly functional tool includes a wrench, screwdrivers, hex bits, prybar, can opener, cord cutter, a rule and much more. 


True Revo

Activewear always seems to sacrifice style or functionality, but not so with True Revo. Their high performance sportswear looks great and incorporates performance materials that provides anti-bacterial and anti-odor capabilities. Their shorts and track pants are designed to securely hold your smartphone and whisk away sweat and moisture. Their clothing also incorporates reflective details to keep you visible at night.  

Before heading out into the wilderness, be sure to pack the right gear. With these Best Camping and Hiking Accessories, you will be fully prepared for your next adventure and able to focus on enjoying your trip with friends and family. 

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