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The Best Climbing Gear for 2020

You have been avidly training, working your climbing muscles and strengthening your core.  The peak outdoor climbing season is just around the corner and you feel sharper than ever. In addition, your list of routes and dream projects to complete keeps growing longer.  Before that first trip, it is a good idea to inspect your equipment and replace old and worn gear, as well as add some new items to make your adventures more successful and more enjoyable.  Outfitting yourself just got a lot easier with this definitive list of the best climbing gear for 2020. 


Boulder Denim

Made from organic cotton, these climbing specific pants are soft, flexible, and tough.  Stitching details like a gusseted crotch allow for movement, while cordura is woven into the fabric to make them tougher than the average pair of jeans.  A hidden zipper pocket holds your phone so you can nab a victory selfie at the top of your climb.  These climbing specific features put boulder denim products on the list of the best climbing gear for 2020.

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The Phoozy

Your all day rock climbing adventures are a foray into nature and expose you and your gear to the elements.  This surprising yet clever invention has made the list for the best climbing gear for 2020, and we think you will agree why!  Your phone and other sensitive electronics aren’t as adaptable as you, as hot temperatures can shut a device down, while cold weather will drain a battery in no time at all.  With a Phoozy, you can combat the elements and keep your device charged and functional, no matter where your climbing takes you.  

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Livsn Designs

Sustainable, comfortable, and durable are the hallmarks of Livsn Designs.  Their flagship product, the flex canvas pants, are meant to go from the crag to cafe with stylish looks but uncompromising performance.  Organic and recycled materials mean that these pants are easy on Mother Earth. But, tough and thoughtful construction means you don’t have to go easy on them.  Livsn Designs has sold over 1500 pairs of the flex canvas pants, and they continue to be hailed as “do it all” trousers.  Pick up a pair and you will see why they make the cut for the best climbing gear for 2020.

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Rhino Skin Solutions

First on this list of the best climbing gear for 2020 is an invaluable tool for recovery and performance alike.  Scaling granite walls or battling sandstone boulders can take a toll on your hands, namely the skin.  Once that dermal layer is damaged or worn off, it makes gripping painful or even impossible.  Fortunately, Rhino Skin Solutions has a myriad of products designed to protect, heal, and revitalize your skin.  From post climb skin care salves, to moisture controlling sprays to help during a climb, Rhino Skin Solutions will help you get up your project and be ready to tackle the next one tomorrow.   

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Butora Climbing Shoes

When all that is holding you to the wall is a barely visible footchip, you rely on your footwork and your footwear to keep you upright and moving upwards.  Slip on, strap on, or lace up a pair of Butoras to help you get the job done, and do it with style too.  A plethora of styles from flat to aggressive all come armed with sticky proprietary Neo rubber that smears, edges, and performs on all rock types.  The option to purchase Butora shoes in wide sizes sets them apart, and makes them a “shoe in” for the list of the best climbing gear for 2020. 

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So Ill

What started as climbing enthusiasts building makeshift walls in basements, has evolved into a renowned brand in the sport.  They design and produce almost everything for your climbing needs, from shoes, unique climbing holds, and apparel.  Their climbing shoes, which started as a humble kickstarter project, are now seen at every gym and crag, and with good reason!  They bear their trademark style, and are armed with their proprietary Dark Matter rubber, which is suitable for indoor training and outdoor sessions alike.  Whether you nab a pair of shoes, climbing holds, or climber specific apparel from So Ill, you can be certain you are getting some of the best climbing gear for 2020.

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DMM Classic Rope Bag 32L

A crucial element of climbing is rope management. Keeping strands coiled and tangle-free makes climbing safe and hassle free.  When it is time to head home for the day, rope management means portaging up to 80m of your lifeline back across rugged terrain.  In steps the DMM classic rope bag to save the day and make the list of best climbing gear for 2020. Modular straps allow the bag to work as a backpack or courier style, while zippered pockets keep your personal items secure.  Inside the bag is a deployable tarp that keeps your rope free from dirt and other harmful items.  

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This classic belay device has made waves in the climbing community ever since its inception, and is an easy choice for 2020’s best climbing gear. The GRIGRI is an assisted belay device, which means that it operates like a normal belay device, but adds an additional element of safety and control when holding, catching, or lowering a climber.  Feeding rope and taking up slack are done with the same movements used on a traditional belay device, but when a climber falls or is hanging, the device cams (pinches the rope) and keeps the rope from moving.  Lowering a climber from the top is done through a lever that allows for precise and smooth lowering. 

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Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center

Most climbers know that the training put in during the off season pays off in dividends when the outdoor season rolls around.  Set yourself up for success with the Rock Prodigy Training Center, and see the results the next time you hit the crag.  Every possible combination of finger and hand grips are found on this extensive training board, which allows for a wide range of exercises and routines.  What sets this training tool apart from others is that it is two symmetrical pieces instead of just one full piece.  Adjust the width of the two pieces to match your shoulder width size, or stagger the pieces and isolate muscles on one arm, simulating the motion of climbing “upwards”.  Install the Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center and you will see why it is the best in the category of “training tool” for the best climbing gear for 2020. 


Static Climbing

Keep your chalk at the ready and do it with a style that reflects you.  Static Climbing sews unique and high-quality chalk bags and buckets out of California, where local artists design them.  High quality and head turning are the two best phrases that describe Static Climbing products, and they are sure to be among the best climbing gear for 2020.  Head to their page to see their products in action, as their ambassadors crush amazing routes all over the world. 

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Mad Rock Duo Crash Pad

Climb with confidence when the Duo crash pad is below.  This innovative crash pad is loaded with features for safety and function, and is an easy addition to a list of the best climbing gear for 2020.  A wide rectangular shape covers a large landing area, and five inches of foam protect falls from even highball problems.  A velcro system locks the two pieces together when unfolded, which keeps the pad from folding over if a climber lands on the hinged middle part.  A “welcome mat” is added to help keep shoes clean, and in between problems you can use the straps to convert the pad into a comfy couch.  When it is time to pack up for the day, the Duo crash pad has straps that allow for carrying a second pad on the back, as well as other features like a water bottle holder and load lifting straps.  Protecting your dream project has never been easier and safer than with the Mad Rock Duo Crash pad.  

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Sterling Evolution Helix

Rope is the lifeline for climbers tackling tall walls.  Whether you are climbing a steep sport route, a long trad multipitch, or mixed routes, the Sterling Evolution Helix is for you.  At 9.5mm in diameter, the rope is small but mighty; a new improved core and sheath provide strength and durability while still keeping the weight down.  An option for adding DryXP water repellent coating is available, and is the perfect choice for those adventuring into wet or icy conditions.  A wide variety of colors and lengths let you customize your rope to match your style and needs, and at a mere 59grams per meter, you will be amazed at how light it feels in your pack.  When it’s time to tie into the sharp end, choose the Sterling Evolution Helix, and see why it is included in the list of best climbing gear for 2020. 

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Edelrid Sendero Harness

Climb to your limit with the help of this cutting-edge harness.  Lightweight and utility, the Sendero from Edelrid is packed with design features to keep you safe and let you push the boundaries while climbing.  Most harnesses come with only 4 gear loops, while the Sendero is armed with 5, and boasts a chalk bag loop and attachment points for ice screw clips.  Leg loops and waist straps allow for easy and secure adjustments, while utilizing lightweight construction to keep the harness at a feathery 305 grams. The rig is made of Bluedesign materials, constructed with ecofriendly components and in an environmentally friendly fashion.  The tie in points are made with multiple layers of dyneema which reveal a red color when worn down excessively. Safety, strength, and sustainability are what make this harness an easy choice for the best climbing gear for 2020. 

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