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The Jeans I Wore for 10 Days in Portugal

The Jeans I Wore for 10 Days in Portugal

As I slid into some Boulder Denim jeans for the overnight flight to Portugal, I didn’t expect I’d be wearing them for the entire 10 day trip.

When flying carry-on, it’s essential that everything you pack is worth it. Our journey promised outdoor adventure, fine dining, and a tremendous variety in weather. So I packed my climbing shoes, my raincoat, and what I hoped was enough clothing to get through the trip.

The pants were comfy for the flight, and had enough pockets for all of my super important travel stuff (phone, passport, Euros, etc).



When the say ‘the most comfortable jeans you’ll ever put on’, Boulder Denim isn’t lying.

Hiking up the Alfama district in Lisbon is like climbing a steep, cobbled approach for hours at a time.

Portugal is famous for its tiles, and the country does not disappoint. However, it’s not exactly an easy trek.

The stretch of these jeans made the irregular walking completely palatable. Climbing over ancient castle ramparts was a breeze, and when it came time to descend into Quinta da Regaleira’s hidden passages and tunnels, I had all the movement and comfort I needed.


Visiting the wonderful Pena Palace meant hiking an hour upward through rocky trails and ancient ruins, into the mist and cloud. The damp weather made me glad (again) of my choice of clothing because the grounds around that castle are extensive.

There were kilometers of somewhat rugged terrain leading to hidden gardens, greenhouses, outbuildings, and ponds. The wet weather soaked my hair, but wasn’t enough to get past the DWR treatment of the climbing jeans.

Oh, and the hike back down from the castle to the town literally walks through a crag, so we were able to rent some rope and harnesses and get on some routes despite the weather. A little slabby, but I was prepared.

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When dining in Lisbon, there’s a couple of places I’d recommend.

When dining in Lisbon during pouring rain, hours after climbing, without time to change, there’s really only one pair of pants I’d vouch for. The climbing muck was easy to wipe off (see stain-resistance) and the sleek black went perfectly with my changed button up.

I felt confident in my clothing in a way I don’t always when I’m at a fine dining establishment in a foreign country.



I’ve gotta say that the pants came up big in ways I expected, and ways that surprised me.

I had my passport locked away in the zippered inner pocket of my climbing jeans and it stayed dry, safe, and I didn’t worry about it. I also kept my important bus passes and extra Euros in there.

I wore these pants for 10 days straight and, even though I was active, they smelled fresh. If you’re traveling from hostel to guest house to Airbnb, there’s often not a chance to wash your clothes. And even if you could, is that how you want to spend an hour of a trip?

Beaches, ruins, parks, and cities are just better when you’re comfortable and stylish. I packed a backup pair of nicer pants, but it just didn’t make sense to swap them in.

I can’t recommend these climbing jeans enough for your next adventure, whether that’s in a city, visiting ancient castles, or flying across the ocean.

They’re also pretty sweet for climbing.

by Sam Scrimger

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