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The Recycled Planet Co.

The fashion industry is known for producing fast fashion and not being environmentally friendly. There aren’t many fashion apparel brands that actually care about their impact on the planet. The Recycled Planet produces men’s and women’s fashion outerwear using only recycled, repurposed, and sustainable components. They deliver high quality, design-driven and eco-friendly clothing.

These eco-friendly designs and manufactures fashionable collections in an ethical, honest, and educated way. Plus, they are constantly looking for new technologies to make their products more environmentally friendly from sourcing products to manufacturing. They work with partners all over the world to source fabrics and components made from recycled and repurposed materials. Their goal is to continually push the envelope creating fashion apparel that is environmentally friendly and they make it to where you no longer have to choose between fashion, function, or the planet.

Although Recycled Planet Co. produces a large, ethical inventory of fashion apparel, their ANASTASIA hooded storm parka with goggles is great for everyday life or adventure. The interior suspenders allow for hands free movement and won’t hold you back from adventures. This high quality parka is made out of 100% recycled materials. It’s made from 100% recycled nylon lining and insulation. The insulation is made from REPREVE®, which is 100% recycled insulation made with plastic bottles.

The goggles that come with the parka are removable and self cleaning. These polarized goggles can be removed at the hood by snapping off. Plus, the goggle pocket is self cleaning. You put the goggles in the pocket and then it cleans the lenses.

You should never have to choose between staying warm and fashionable and having ethically sourced and produced parkas. So if you’re looking for an everyday and every adventure parka that will keep you warm without damaging the planet, check out Recycled Planet Co. and their ANASTASIA parka. With this long hooded parka, you’ll be insulted and warm wherever your next adventure takes you.

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