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Tillak Shasta Ultralight Inflatable Air Sleeping Pad

The Tillak Shashta Sleeping pad is a sleeping pad that can drastically change your camping trip or treks for the better. Not only was it designed to be ultralight, it’s contours provide more advanced insulation to keep you warmer and more comfortable throughout the night. Whether you’re an ultra light camper or just looking for a sleeping pad that will give you a better night’s rest, we highly recommend you look into Tillak’s Ultralight sleeping pad to add to your camping gear!

Tillak Shasta Ultralight Sleeping Pad Highlights

  • SLEEP COMFORTABLY IN THE BACKCOUNTRY (OR ANYWHERE): Tillak’s unique air mattress design utilizes a matrix of self-equilibrating 2.75”- thick Solace Cells that allow the pad to easily conform to the shape of your body, protecting your hips and shoulders from the ground. The 73.5” length and 21.5” width is designed to accommodate heights of up to 6’2”. Pairs perfectly with our Bubo Inflatable Pillow!

  • ONE OF THE LIGHTEST PADS ON THE MARKET: Only 13.7 ounces! Constructed of high-quality 20D Ripstop woven nylon and with internal TPU lamination, the ultralight Shasta is weatherproof, abrasion resistant, quiet, and built for any camping, backpacking, or traveling adventure. Packs down to 7.5” length x 3.5” diameter.

  • INFLATION AND DEFLATION IS A BREEZE: Tillak’s patented Zephyr Valve system is simple, durable, and adjustable. Fill up the Shasta Sleeping Pad with as few as 13 – 15 breaths and then adjust the air pressure to your liking with the press of a finger. When it’s time to pack up camp, press the valve to deflate just as easily!

  • THREE SEASON READY: Warm beyond it’s R-Value rating of 1.4 – the Shasta’s matrix of Solace Cells are designed to minimize thermal conduction (heat loss) with the cold ground, while providing numerous reservoirs of insulating air between you and the pad, and the pad and the ground. As a result, the Shasta can be used comfortably down to 30F (and we’ve used it comfortably at temperatures far lower than that!).

  • 25% FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Tillak is committed to giving back 25% of the profits generated from the sale of their products to the environment (tillak.com/about).

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