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Top 20 Hiking & Camping Brands

For the last three years at RY Outfitters we have immersed ourselves in the hiking and camping world.

In that time we have researched, worked with and tested gear/products from a ton of the top hiking and camping brands.  

So, we thought it was time to publish our list of top hiking and camping brands.

Our goal with creating these lists of top small brands and blogs is to help you find a few new brands and media sites that might offer the perfect product or offer great insights for your next adventure.


How We Calculated The Winners:

We first sent out a survey to our 20,000+ subscribers and asked them to pick their favorite brands and blogs in each category.

We used this data to help us narrow down our list and ultimately pick our favorite startups/small brands in the outdoor space.


Top 20 Hiking & Camping Brands


  1. Cotopaxi

  2. VSSL Gear 

  3. Forsake Footwear

  4. GRAYL Water Purifiers

  5. Be Outfitter

  6. LuminAID

  7. Mpowerd

  8. Power Practical

  9. GoSunStove

  10. Gobi Gear

  11. Cumulus

  12. Himali Life

  13. Give’r

  14. Klattermusen

  15. Tarptent

  16. Point6 Socks

  17. Bearded Brothers Bars

  18. NoZipp Sleeping Bags

  19. Liquid Hardware

  20. CNOC Outdoors



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Top 20 Hiking & Camping Brands


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You can also hear the stories of many of these startups from the voices of the founders on the RY Outfitters Podcast.

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