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Tosso Ring & Hook Game + Bottle Opener | RY Outfitters Spotlight


Tosso Ring & Hook Game + Bottle Opener

Tosso’s Ring and Hook game is a perfect balance of utilitarian bottle cap consolidation and frustrating fun. It’s a simple fun game to play among friends all while keeping your bottle caps from being scattered. It’s one of those fixtures that’s perfect to just walk up, open a beer, and then you find yourself entranced trying to get this ring on a hook. This is a really well-made gorgeous addon for a bar, outdoor kitchenette, garage, pool area.  It’s made of polished natural finished wood with a solid bottle opener makes it just really visually appealing and, a huge magnet inside that can hold up to 24 bottle caps. The directions to mount this bar game beauty are so simple a d you can even Personalize it to laser engrave a logo or message. If you’re looking for an awesome and fun game to add to a social setting to help keep things interesting and maybe ignite some low-stakes rivalries, Tosso’‘s Ring & Hook Game is worth scoping out!

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