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Get Unstuck without a Tow

If you’re an avid adventurer, chances are you’ve found yourself stuck in the mud, snow, or sand. It kind of just comes along with the territory of adventuring, but it’s not exactly the funnest experience. You’d rather be on the go than digging out, trying to find materials to wedge under the tire to find some sort of traction. But now with Trac-Grabber, you can get ultimate traction to help you get unstuck fast.

Trac-Grabber and their tire traction straps, was founded in 2010 by people who were used to getting their vehicles stuck on a regular occurance in farming and hunting. They understood deeply that the resources, time, and effort to get a vehicle unstuck is burdensome and kind of just annoying.

A patented vehicle rescue device, Trac-Grabber provides a quick, simple, and effective solution to being stranded and disabled. Trac-Grabbers make it easy for any motorist to get their vehicle unstuck from sand, mud, and snow using the vehicle’s own power. Trac-Grabbers are available in four basic models. The TG-C01 was designed for Cars, ATV’s, and small SUV’s. The TG-T01 was designed for full size trucks & SUV’s. The TG-OT1 was designed for the larger off-road tires. The TG-COMM was designed for large commercial vehicles.  Each model is offered as a Dual Set for 2 wheel drive vehicles and a Quad Pack for AWD & 4X4 vehicles.

Essentially, whatever vehicle or piece of equipment you own can use the Trac-Grabber. They’re quick & easy to install, affordable, and it only takes one person to put them on, get unstuck, and take them off. Plus, they’re compact and easily stowed within the provided tote bag.

Rather than digging, pushing, or pulling, the Trac-Grabber uses the power of your vehicle. Knowing that all vehicles have an enormous amount of power under the hood that is totally wasted if the wheels just spin without traction, they developed a way to apply extreme traction by attaching a simple block on the other side to the wheel rotation. Strapped to the driver’s wheels of a stuck vehicle, Trac-Grabbers provide the extreme traction needed to get your vehicle unstuck and back to stable terrain.

Once attached, the wheels spin to the point where they engage and then with a little more power applied, they lift and provide the traction necessary to get back to stable terrain. They don’t come off until you take them off, so they stay attached to your vehicle as long as it takes to get back to stable terrain. And if you’re prone to getting stuck often, they’re strong & durable for repeated uses so you can avoid long delays and expensive tow bills. And maybe most importantly, allows you to rescue yourself without the need of assistance.

Keep your independence and get yourself unstuck every time with the Trac-Grabber. These rugged and durable tire traction straps will soon become your favorite piece of gear on all your off road… or on icy road adventures. So grab your Trac-Grabber for your tire size before you head out so you can know you won’t have to rely on anyone else to come pull you out.

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