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Tru-Colour Bandages

Bandages. We all need them, but we all dislike them. They’re stiff and stand out on your skin like a big arrow pointing to your injury. You just need a bandage that moves with your joints without falling off and blends in with your skin.

Tru-Colour has created durable bandages that come in 4 different skin toned shades that are practical, versatile, and diverse. Founded in 2014, Tru-Colour began when a dad wanted to celebrate and affirm his son’s identity. As a hand surgeon, he also saw the need for improvements when it came to the practicality of bandages and the skin toned shades offered. 

This diverse company believes in the beauty of the individual and exists to provide skin-tone shade bandages and kinesiology tape for everyone. In 2018, they were made available in target stores nationwide and has since continued to strive towards making its brand accessible to all businesses and consumers, even expanding around the world. As the brand standard for embracing Diversity In Healing®, Tru-Colour is on a mission to help people feel included and heal better.

Although they offer a wide variety of products, their Tru-Colour Assorted Packs are their most popular. These packs include an assortment of shapes and sizes so you have exactly what you need for your injury. And the bags they come in are both air and water resistant. So it’s perfect for tossing in your bag for your next adventure.

The Tru-Colour Assorted Packs come in 4 skin toned shades which include beige, Olive light brown, medium brown, and dark brown. Each of these packs come with the starfish and H-shape designs plus 4 other common shapes styles: spots, patches, and small and medium standard bandages that are all 100% latex.

The starfish and H-shape designs were innovated by the Owner & Hand surgeon Dr. Ray Wurapa. He created these designs to offer more flexibility and holding power to those unique places on your fingers and toes. No more putting a bandage on and losing mobility in the area or it falling off 5 minutes later. With Tru-Colour bandages, you’ll be comfortable and have a good range of motion.

Bandages shouldn’t feel inconvenient or like a hassle. And you should definitely have your skin tone represented. So, if you’re ready to make the switch to a company that prides itself on innovation, practicality and diversity, you should give Tru-Colour a try. With versatile designs and 4 skin tone shades, they’re the perfect solution for bandage needs.

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