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Überleben Stöker Stove & Kessel Pot | RY Outfitters First Look


Überleben Stöker Stove & Kessel Pot

The Stoker Flatpack Stove is a compact, lightweight biofuel stove. It comes with 5 panels weighing a total of 9 oz packs flat for easy storage and packing. This sturdy 304 steel stove is an incredible option for campfire cooking and making sure you get your coffee fix when you’re planning on waking up outside. This is perfect to prevent the headache of getting a bunch of different materials. You just really need some stickers and you’re good to go. It assembles in moments, has an ash catcher which elevates the fuel so you can get a more even burn. There’s just enough of an opening to allow for airflow while protecting it from the wind and a little insert to keep the fire going. This thing is truly a minimalist campfire chef’s dream.

The Kessel pot matches the Stoker Stove perfectly. It can handle 1.1L of liquid, is also made from 304 Steel, and has a beautiful natural hardwood handle. This pot has an easy-pour spout making it fantastic for preparing campfire coffee. The design of the handle is particularly cool, it makes handling a breeze.

For any outdoor cooking enthusiasts or anyone looking for a simple camping stove solution Überleben’s Stöker bio-fuel stove, and Kessel Pot could be exactly what you’re looking for.

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