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Do you love the outdoors but hate being caught in less than ideal weather? You know what I’m talking about, a spring trip to your favorite spot gets rained out, or even an outdoor bbq party at your place getting ruined by a random frigid day. But, what if I told you that an innovative, Shark Tank approved company, has created a solution to help you make the best of your fun plans no matter the weather?


Under the Weather® was founded in 2010 when they invented the first, original pop-up WeatherPod®. Ever since, they’ve been designing new, innovative, and durable Pods, built to shield their customers from just about any kind of weather, unwanted germs, pesky insects and so much more. This Family owned and operated business out of Cincinnati, Ohio has been featured on Good Morning America, the Today show, Ellen, and even ABC’s Shark Tank in 2017 where they got three Shark offers, but ultimately, decided to remain a privately held company.


Under the Weather currently has 1 person, 2 person, 4, 6 and up to 8-person pods in clear PVC and Mesh screen window options. Essentially, you think of a scenario, they’ve got a Pod to go with it!


But in today’s spotlight, we are going to be taking a look at their Weather Pod. This 60×60, four panel dome is full of so many possibilities and year-round use. It holds 6 to 8 people, patio seating or dinette sets and has clear plastic panels for 360° view. Fully enclosed, the temperature is up to 35° warmer inside than outside which is perfect for cooler temperatures or simply deploy the mesh screen for warmer temps to allow a cool breeze without the pesky mosquitoes!


If you’re wanting relief from the sun, the Weather Pod has UPF 50 sunshade roof cover and waterproof floor that is also available. Star gazing on frigid nights? Reinforced clear roof to keep you safe and warm without obstructing your view. Stuck in a thunderstorm? This pod is highly rain, wind and weather-resistant with storm flaps over zippers


Unlike traditional tents, their patented-designed products unfold and set up in seconds – there isn’t even an instruction manual. Plus, with two extra-large double-zip doors for easy access and inside hooks for lighting or decorations, it’s incredibly convenient and easy to use.


Pack away and store in just a couple of minutes – super convenient, especially when bad weather pops up unexpectedly! No assembly (or instruction manuals) required for any of our products! Super easy to set up and pack away.


From sports parents on the sidelines, to day hikers, RVers, tailgaters, fishers and anyone who wants a portable & durable respite from Mother Nature, Weather Pod has a weather-protective product for you and your active lifestyle! Check them out today!


Get yours here: https://utwpods.com/products/weather-pod-60×60-6-8-person-6-panel-four-season-pop-up-dome-tent



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