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Undersun Fitness 5 piece Resistance Band Set | RY Outfitters Spotlight


Undersun Fitness 5 Piece Resistance Band Set

Resistance bands are just like old-fashioned rubber bands, but they provide resistance to give you a targeted workout. They are also very compact which makes it easier to bring your “gym” with you when you travel or just on the go. Resistance bands can also be used for yoga, stretching, and rehabilitation workouts. There is a large variety of resistance bands to choose from, but here we have a RY Outfitters Brand Spotlight on Undersun.

Undersun Fitness’s resistance band set has all the resistance you need to build muscle, get stronger, and lose fat. With the set ranging from extra-light to extra-heavy (and everything in between), you can properly scale your workouts as you progress and perform a myriad of movements. They’re extremely portable, durable, but more importantly effective.

Their resistance bands offer something free weights and machines don’t: linear variable resistance.  The more the band stretches, the harder it gets, and with the resistance growing as it stretches, it makes it easier to progress through movements. This set also comes with a door anchor to basically turn any door in your house or apartment into a gym. 

If you need a little more direction on how to get the most out of your workouts you can check out Undersun Fitness’ TA2 Program. Their TA2 Workout Program offers an expert-designed, easy-to-follow workout routine to pair with your fitness band set and, since it’s app-based you can take it anywhere. If you’re looking to shake things up with your normal routine or even just getting into fitness Undersun Fitness’s Resilience band set is an incredible option that’s effective, portable, and can scale with you the more fit you get.

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