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Unigear 50L Boot Travel Backpack | RY Outfitters First Look


Unigear 50L Boot Travel Backpack

Having a bag to keep all of your gear together can save you a ton of time getting to the hill. Unigear’s 50L Boot Travel Backpack has a ton of storage which is more than enough to store your ski or snowboard boots while giving you plenty of extra space for your helmets, goggles, clothing, valuables, etc. Smartly partitioned compartments make it simple to find everything you need so there’s no digging around in your bag. On Top of keeping your gear organized you can easily attach skis and snowboard by using external adjustable webbing making it super easy to lug your stuff across the parking lot. Lastly, if you can change into your boots anywhere and can keep your feet dry by flipping down the back-panel door and using it as a standing mat. Organization can go along when planning ski trips and Unigear’s 50L Boot Backpack gives you the tools to keep it all together!

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