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Unit 1

Staying connected is tough enough but Unit 1 makes it incredibly easy to get a hold of AND keep your jams bumping. This helmet seamlessly integrates wireless headphones right into your helmet without adding a ton of extra weight, PLUS it’s extremely easy to operate with gloves. This helmet is extremely comfortable and sets up you so you don’t have to worry about fighting to find the next song. Just tap the glove friendly headset and go!


 Ears & temple protection
 QUAD4LOCK / Patented docking system
 Rear Fitting frame
 Fixed dual ventilation
 Removable Goggle Clip
 Removable ear pad set

 ABS Hardshell construction
 EPS Liner
 Size: S51-54cm / M55-58cm / L59-62cm
 Weight: S 500g / M 500g / L 540g
 Certifications: ASTM 2040, EN1077B


 Dial volume control
 Single button track control
 Hi-Fi Sound
 2 Sound Modes
 Sweat&Splash resistant
 Built in mic
 Backup audio jack

 40mm drivers
 Lithium-ion battery: 16 hs play time
 Bluetooth 4.2 wireless
 Charge via 2.5mm jack
 Size: 120 x 60 x 180 mm
 Weight: 200 g.

Keep the jams bumping and your head safe and sound with a Unit 1 Helmet

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