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Infused Maple Syrup

I’m sure you’re already no stranger to maple syrup— I mean it’s literally one of the greatest inventions known to mankind (prove me wrong, I dare you), but you’ve probably never considered it as a source of fuel. You’ve seen these goo’s and gels on the market that are designed to give you a boost of energy and while they do work, sometimes getting back to something simple is best. Untapped Maple’s coffee infused syrup and salted raspberry infused syrups are make with no more than 3 ingredients and are here to offer you the perfect caffeine boost or electrolyte replenishment. If you’re looking for a natural (and insanely delicious) approach to giving yourself an energy boost Untapped Maple is the answer to your prayers.

Why Maple?

• Maple syrup is low glycemic. Containing all natural sugars, maple syrup provides prolonged, sustained energy rather than offering a quick burst and subsequent crash like many adulterated sports sweeteners.

• Maple syrup contains Calcium, Riboflavin, Manganese, Zinc, and Potassium. These inherent components of maple syrup promote energy production, muscle recovery, and help prevent cramping.

• Maple syrup features more than fifty antioxidants. This cocktail of polyphenols have powerful free radical fighting properties. Foods with similar qualities include berries, green tea, red wine, and flaxseeds.

• Maple syrup contains amino acids, which help prevent muscle deterioration.

• Maple syrup is water soluble making it easy to digest, quick to absorb, and no more gut-rot from downing chemical-laden energy gels! Plus it’s a cinch to clean up; just rinse with water. Alternative sports gels are like tar to clean up.

Fuel up the Vermont way with Untapped’s Salted Raspberry Infused Maple Syrup & Their Coffee Infused Syrup

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