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Vela Apparel

Vela Apparel is a locally owned and designed apparel brand in Vail, CO in the heart of the Rockies. They make stylish functional apparel, but, at the heart of it all, restoring protected natural areas and the Colorado outdoor lifestyle is what really drives them. Basically, their ethos is to live by the Campsite Rule; Leave it better than you found it. 

To that end, they’re pretty strict about using sustainable materials and keeping their shipping carbon neutral. Their ultimate goal is to create unbelievably comfortable casual wear that can stand the test of the mountains all while protecting it. It’s that perfect balance where sustainability becomes fashionable.
Today we are taking a look at 3 of Vela Apparel’s pieces. The Omni joggers, Weekender hoodie, and the big chill beanie. Right out of the gate, even just holding these, you can feel that this is extra comfy, high-quality stuff. The material is soft and doesn’t feel like it is going to fall apart on you. Plus, the designs are just straight-up awesome. 

The Omni Joggers are designed with this amazing double waistband and the fit is so comfortable. But, more importantly… they’re stretchy. I’m talking full range of motion. Perfect for running around, getting stuff done, or a lazy weekend spent on the couch. And Pockets? Yup, got them too and they got plenty of room for everything you need when running out the door.

The weekender Hoodie’s Ski Girl design was actually hand-drawn by one of the co-founders of Vela. Not only is it an awesome design but, it has that loose cut for that comfy loose fit without feeling like you’re swimming in a sea of too much hoodie. This is perfect for cozying up by the campfire or hiking in the mountains.

And to put a cap it off, we got the Big Chill Beanie. You know how you have that one hat that you look amazing in, and that other hat that’s warm and comfortable? Well, this is both of those hats in one. You can wear it with just about any outfit. It’s not too heavy, will keep your noggin warm, and is the perfect size to fit under a helmet. 

PLUS, it comes in 6 different colors and is only $18, so it’s SUPER easy to pick up a couple to make sure you’re matching and looking on top of your game. I mean, you Are allowed to look good while out on the trails.

If you’re looking for comfy clothes that are mindfully made, help really captures that mountain life, and can have you lookin’ good AND feelin’ good, Vela Apparel is definitely worth checking out!

Vela Apparel Omni Joggers, Weekender Hoodie,

& Chill Beanie

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