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Venture Wipes + Bug Defense Wipes | RY Outfitters Spotlight

Venture Wipes + Bug Defense Wipes

Venture Wipes are a full-body wipe that’s large enough to clean your entire body. They’re an entire square foot of body wipe so you can get way more out of a single Venture wipe with way less impact. These things are basically a packable shower. 

Venture Wipes also happen to be 100% biodegradable Not only are they made with a biodegradable fiber, they’re also infused with natural ingredients like Aloe, Vitamin E, and Tree Oil to help keep you fresh and clean for the rest of the day. They’re Individually wrapped in single-use pouches for easy carry and to maintain freshness, that said you should always pack out any waste regardless of how biodegradable it is. On Top of acting as an incredible and compact impromptu shower, they also are great for wiping down and cleaning gear. Plus, Venture Wipes are the perfect travel companion! They fit perfectly in your Pocket, Backpack, Purse, Car Glove Box, etc so you always have a fresh one ready to go.

Venture Wipes’ Bug Defense Wipes are just like their body wipes except they’re infused with natural ingredients to repel bugs. They aren’t oily and contain NO harmful chemicals and are DEET Free; They just use Citronella, peppermint, and oil of lemon eucalyptus to keep those pesky bugs at bay. The Bug Defense Wipes are the perfect way to repel bugs without spraying yourself with harmful chemicals. Plus, when you’ve covered yourself up you can hang ’em near the entrance of your tent. A little double whammy action, if you know what I mean.

Romping around outside doesn’t mean you have to be a total mess all the time. If you find yourself romping around outside often and if you care about the environment and what goes on your skin then Venture Wipes could be a game-changer.

Wash the Adventure Off Easily with Venture Wipes

& Keep Pests At Bay With Their Bug Defense Wipes

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