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Weller CBD Sparkling Water

Staying healthy is thirsty work. The Irony is that what we drink plays a huge role in our diets. Add in trying to maintain stress and mental clarity and wellness and self-care can become a chore. A lot of people turn to CBD to help manage those stress levels but, even that can become a tough routine to tackle when you’re constantly on the go.

Sparkling water is awesome. Tasty, flavored sparkling water is even better, and when you add in a CBD element, well that’s like a mini-vacation in a can. 
Weller’s functional, wellness-focused beverages, are made to support you to keep a healthy lifestyle.

They’re a best-selling CBD beverage brand in the United States that uses a combination of reliable potent CBD and all-natural, clean ingredients to make super tasty and sparkling beverages that will put the sparkle back in your day. They provide this support by delivering the positive benefits of functional ingredients through delicious, trusted, and ready-when-you-are products 

Weller is made from all-natural, clean ingredients plus it’s sugar-free and calorie-free. Each can contains 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD  for just the right experience and effect. If you want a little more cbd then I mean guess you’re just going to have another crack can….

Joking aside, if you are an avid CBD user and want a new option to shake up how to keep on top of your CBD routine, Weller is an incredible thing to keep in your fridge.

A Great Flavorful Option To Help Manage Stress

Weller Watermelon CBD Sparkling Water

Weller Tangerine CBD Sparkling Water

Weller Black Cherry CBD Sparkling Water

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