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Why do you need these?

Everyone wears sunglasses, and everyone experiences the same frustrations – They fall off, they break, they’re easy to lose, and they hurt the sides of your head. Welp. We’ve solved those problems – by eliminating sidearms.

We’ve built a pair of sunglasses you can throw in a pocket or backpack and not worry about, wear on the river and not lose, keep on for hours without getting a headache, and hike up the trail and not look like a kook. Our custom cord even fits perfectly under a helmet. People tend to be skeptical, until they put them on, then they’re always impressed.


Ombraz launched in 2019 and we’ve made a big ‘ol splash in the outdoor community. Gear Junkie named us Sunglasses of the Year and we won Backpacker Magazine’s Gear Editor’s Choice Award for 2019. 

We built Ombraz to blend in, not stand out. When worn correctly at a relaxed fit, the cord looks like a sidearm on the side of the head and the back of the cord blends with your hairline. 

Try ‘em out with free shipping and free returns if you’re not satisfied! If that’s not enough, how about a lifetime warranty?

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