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People say, “Well I buy $15.00 gas-station sunglasses because I always break or lose mine.” Turns out, you get what you pay for. A cheap lens actually does more damage to your eyes than wearing nothing at all. Not to mention, those cheapos end up in the landfill pretty quickly.

If the lenses are tinted but don’t block UV rays, those rays are frying your corneas. To make things worse, the tinting causes your pupils to dilate and, since it is perceived to be darker, even more ultraviolet radiation is able to enter the eye. 

Cheaper polarized sunglasses usually consist of a thin polarized laminate on one side of the lens. The thin layer rubs off and scratches easily. You may also notice aberrations in your lenses, as these are usually mass produced, stamped out, lenses made out of a $.30 TAC material.

In higher-quality lenses, a premium polarized film is laminated between two layers of lens material, usually polycarbonate, polyamide or CR-39. Encasing the laminate protects it from being scratched and provides additional benefits. The thicker the polarizing film, the more protective the lens is against glare. Darker lenses are not a sign of better UV protection, though they do improve comfort in extreme conditions.  


Polarized lenses also address eye fatigue and strain from reflected light. Eye fatigue is caused as your pupils chase reflected light, which causes constant expansion and contraction of the pupil as it adjusts to the changing angle and intensity of the light. This eye fatigue is a direct trigger for headaches and migraines.

A note about polarization: Polarization has nothing to do with UV protection.

There are many manufacturers making medium and low-end polarized lenses, but the highest quality glass comes from just a few factories across the world. 

Ombraz are equipped with world-class polarized Zeiss polyamide lenses. Our lenses are scratch & impact-resistant and are coated in a hydrophobic and oleophobic substance that makes them easy to clean. Quality optics are extremely important and each pair of Ombraz is hand-inspected by a certified lens technician to check for the slightest imperfection. When wearing a pair of Ombraz you can confidently navigate intense environments knowing your eyes are well-protected from the elements.

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