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Wild Camping Tips Every First-Time Camper Has to Know

It is true that going wild camping can be an exciting and rewarding new experience for even the most seasoned campers. However, new campers may not know where to start when it comes to planning their trip and buying the right equipment. In fact, many people are so excited about camping that they forget to take just a little bit of time to plan ahead, which usually leads to their trip becoming more stressful than enjoyable. If you’re thinking about taking your first camping trip, then here are the best camping tips that will help the planning process go smoothly and set you up for a successful trip.

Camping Tips Every First-Time Camper Has to Know

1 – Pack Light

This may seem obvious, but for first-time campers, it is something that is often overlooked, which is one of the main reasons that new campers can find camping trips so stressful. Remember to pack light because the less that you carry, the less you have to worry about. First-time campers often overpack, bringing too many supplies, which not only adds to the weight of their gear but takes up valuable space in their packs. Remember that if you pack light, it will make it easier for you to carry and organize your gear, which will make the trip a lot less stressful.

2 – Plan Meals Carefully

If you’re planning on staying in a remote tent, then you’ll be more likely to find yourself far away from a store or restaurant. So it is best to pack pre-made meals or pack a cooler to keep food cold. Think about your camp set up and what you will need to cook the meals you are packing. If you’re only brining a pan to cook with, perhaps packing steaks isn’t the best option. It is also important to make sure that you have plenty of water, as dehydration can be a big issue while camping.

3 – Make Set Up Easy

While you might be tempted to buy a super lightweight tent, these types of tents are usually harder to set up. Instead, opt for tents that are easy to set up, as these will be less stressful and more likely to help keep your trip enjoyable. It’s okay to not pack light on this one because you won’t be moving this but to set up and take down. 

4 – Pick the Perfect Tent

When you first start out, it is best to start with smaller, one-person tents or to share a bigger tent with other people. This way, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding the problems that come with camping in a tent for the first time, such as rain leaks, tent collapses, and more. This will be your shelter, so be sure to get one that is appropriate for the weather you will be experiencing.

5 – Choose the Right Sleeping Bag

As with the tent, the sleeping bag you choose is another important factor in a successful camping trip, especially if you plan on sleeping in a tent. Because you need to bring a tent and sleeping bag with you wherever you go, it is vital to choose a comfortable sleeping bag that will keep you warm and help you get quality sleep. Just like with the tent, be sure to get a sleeping bag that is designed for the type of weather you will encounter.


If you’re planning on camping for the first time, then make sure you follow these essential tips so you can get the most out of your camping trip and enjoy the new experience to the fullest.

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