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The Ultimate Camping Slipper Socks

Love the coziness of socks and slippers, but don’t like the inconvenience of taking them on and off every time you step out of your tent or go get firewood in the winter? You just want to keep your feet warm and be able to go between inside and outside without having to step out of comfort.

Winnies socks is bridging the gap between inside and outside with their incredible slipper socks.They say every great product is born out of consumer frustration to solve a problem. And, in the case of Winnies, it certainly holds true.

The idea of Winnies was conceived at a cottage on Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire on a chilly winter’s evening in 2017. Winnies founder, Kara Brunetta, was enjoying time with her family in front of the fire, venturing in and out of the brisk air to bring in firewood throughout the night. Each time, she had to take her cozy, thick slipper socks off to put her shoes on. The more trips in and out over the season, arms filled with firewood, struggling to remove her shoes at the door, Kara knew there had to be a better way and Winnies, named after her beloved Lake Winnipesaukee, was born.

Winnies Socks is the first, U.S. patented cozy slipper sock designed to be worn indoors or outdoors. Winnies keep feet cozy and warm nestled inside a thick, comfy sock and designed with a hands-free ability to step into a waterproof outdoor oversock in one quick step. Winnies are flexible, perfect for campers, dog owners, travelers and all who love to be cozy! Best of all, proceeds from the purchase of Winnies goes directly toward the Winnies Camp Scholarship fund, allowing children to attend summer camp.

With Winnie Socks, you don’t have to take off your thick, cozy slippers socks when you want to go outside because they are thick cozy slippers socks. So how does it work? The Winnies Oversocks are the secret. These waterproof outdoor oversocks, let you slip in and out of them without needing to bending down – you step on the back tab, stretch and slip into them and out of them.

This makes it to where your feet stay cozy and your socks stay clean. The Slipper Socks are 100% polyester fleece, sherpa lined, with a magnet in the woven label that connects the slipper socks to the oversocks. These oversocks are 100% rubber, anti-rust metal with copper rivets. Plus, the Slipper Socks are also machine washable cold & tumble dry low. Just wash inside-out.

Winnies are great for camping because whether you’re camping in a tent or have some luxuries, you can still move in and out of your sleeping quarters without dragging in the dirt or freezing your feet off. Need to grab some more firewood for the cabin fireplace? Just slip on your overstock on your way out the door and stay warm and cozy.

Going between indoors and outdoors doesn’t have to be a huge hassle with your footwear anymore! So before you plan your next camping adventure or if you want cozy slipper socks at home, be sure to check out Winnis Socks so you can keep your feet warm inside and out.

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