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Winter Camping: 10 Items to bring Winter Camping

Winter camping is a one of a kind adventure with many challenges and rewards that cannot be had while camping during the rest of the year.  Crisp cool temperatures, elusive winter constellations, snowy landscapes, and uncrowded camping areas are just a few of the many allures.  Of course, you must be prepared for the cold and potentially wet weather, as well as shorter days. However, do not let the extreme elements deter you from the adventures of winter camping.  Properly packed and prepared, you can not only survive but also have the time of your life.  As you gear up, your first stop should be these 10 items to bring winter camping.  In this list of 10 items to bring winter camping, we will explore top of the line gear to get you through the toughest of elements. 

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Sitka by Westcomb

When the mercury in the thermometer plunges below zero, it is time to bundle up. There is no better or lighter jacket to do it in than the Sitka by Westcomb.  Goose down feather filling keeps you warm and safe from the elements, yet the total weight comes in at 12 oz, making this one of the lightest options on the market for protection against the sub-zero winter temperatures.  

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Mountain Standard

Arm yourself with the down parka from Mountain Standard and you will be ready for any winter camping expedition.  A baffled design keeps the 800 fill premium goose down evenly distributed, while a tough water-repellent exterior protects you from moisture.  With proper layering underneath, you can take this parka out into the chilliest of nights while gathering more wood for the campfire.  

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Outdoor Element

Upgrade your camping gear with Outdoor Element and brave the winter cold with their reliable winter camping products.  While they make a wide range of quality camping tools, their most popular is the Firebiner.  The utility of a normal carabiner is upgraded by multifunction additions such as a bottle opener, screwdriver bit, and blade.  The secret weapon is a special part in this camping gear that creates sparks.  When it comes to cold weather camping, fire is vital. The Firebiner by Outdoor Element makes the top of our list of 10 items to bring Winter Camping. 

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Cumulus Sleeping Bags

Everyone knows that a quality sleeping bag is a crucial item to bring winter camping.  In fact, it may be one of the most important pieces of gear you bring.  Look no further for the perfect winter bag, here is the cumulus.  Deriving their name from the cotton-ball shaped clouds, and taking the same light and puffy qualities, these sleeping bags will change the way you sleep while camping.  Down feather insulation means you stay warm all night long, and superior construction makes the bags highly packable and portable.  Choose from a range of bags based on their temperature rating, and you will be ready to bring it along for a wonderful winter camping trip. 

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Level Gear

From apparel to hydration and anything else you might want on your next camping outing, head to Le Vel.  Our favorite product is the waterproof backpack, which is perfect for camping in all seasons, especially the cold and wet winter weather. The Le Vel backpack will keep your belongings dry and secure while winter camping. The versatility and dependability of this pack makes it one of the top ten items to bring winter camping.  

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TRUCK Gloves

Winter camping is an adventure in a class of its own.  Cold temperatures make campfires so much more enjoyable, and snowy landscapes make for absolutely stunning backdrops.  However, it provides its own set of challenges as it can be hard to light a fire or snap a photo when your hands are frozen. Instead of reaching for those unnecessarily large mittens to stuff your hands into while still trying to enjoy camping, look to Truck Gloves.  Once you bring TRUCK Gloves on your winter camping trip, there will be no going back.  TRUCk Gloves are made with high quality materials such as goat leather. They are carefully stitched and then tested in Utah. Campers are able to tell the different when they take these gloves on their winter camping trip.   

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An instant upgrade to your next camping trip is the rooftop tent from Roofnest.  Get an amazing night’s sleep on a plush foam mattress that sleeps two, and score amazing views as you sit high and dry atop your vehicle.  Spacious windows allow for maximum ventilation and let you see the panoramic views. Additionally, the rainfly will keep you dry from the sleet and snow that winter weather may bring.  Once installed, it only takes minutes to set up and take down, which leaves more time for exploring or relaxing.  When trekking into snowy country, this is a must have item to bring winter camping. 

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LuminAID Solar Lantern

Winter camping brings many of its own unique challenges.  Cold temperatures and shortened days make packing and preparing for a camping trip quite different.  While our bodies are not designed to stand up to extreme temperatures, the same is doubly true for our electronics.  Enter this ingenious item to bring winter camping: the solar lantern from LuminAID.   It is the perfect solution to a reliable light source to keep you going while in the winter elements. 

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The Phoozy 

Your camping adventures are a foray into mother nature, and expose you and your gear to the elements.  Your phone and other sensitive electronics aren’t as adaptable as you, as hot temperatures can shut a device down, while cold weather will drain a battery in no time at all.  With a Phoozy, you can combat the elements and keep your device charged and functional, no matter the weather.  

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Biolite Stoves

This next top 10 item to bring winter camping really heats things up!  The stoves from BioLite are uniquely designed, and offer solutions to several problems in a simple, all-in-one package.  The goal of Biolite Stoves is to allow you to cook and boil water using simple fuel that you can find anywhere such as sticks, bark, and more.  No more buying costly gas canisters anymore!  In addition, the stoves have a unique power pack on the front that takes the energy from the flames and converts it into electricity.  The electricity is then used to power a fan, which blows into the stove and makes the burn more efficient and hot.  Extra electricity is routed to a battery which powers a light, perfect for illuminating your cooking space.  The battery can also charge your phone or electronic device with the handy USB port provided with it.  

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Power Practical – Sparkr

You open the tent after a great night’s sleep, and gaze out upon the sun rising on a wintry landscape.  You go to start a fire to make a hot cup of coffee, but your hands are so cold you cannot use your lighter, and your gloves are far too bulky to operate the finicky mechanism!  Fortunately, you remember that you packed the Sparkr.  With just a touch of a button, the dual arc plasma beams activate and ignite your kindling.  This gadget is one of the most ingenious solutions to an age-old problem, and it is one of the most important of the 10 items to bring winter camping.  Recharge the Sparkr with a USB cable and it will be ready for days of use, so say goodbye to buying batteries.  

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