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WORN T3 Ankle + T3 Rugby Arrowool(tm) Socks

WORN makes athletic performance socks, designed to give your feet the cushion it needs for whatever activity you’re doing. Each WORN product is designed with custom fabrics using their proprietary Arrowool(tm), a technically enhanced Merino wool of their own design. WORN designed this fabric because they love the natural strengths of the Merino fiber, but wanted a fabric that was lighter, had zero itch, and wouldn’t lose its shape the way merino products tend to do. It also lasts 3-4x as long as a normal cotton sock.

The T3 ANKLE is a high-performing, ultra-light running sock that’s ideal for runs of all lengths, won’t slip or bunch, and lasts about 4x longer than typical cotton running socks. It’s has a light cushion but provides just enough support where the repeated pounding of your feet will be perfectly padded with every step. These socks are designed to have proper Right and Left socks which is huge when it comes to the toe box and helps with no slipping or bunching. WORN also includes a stay-in-place anti-blister tab and a reverse knit breathable upper design on the top to ensure a dry, comfortable sock in all climates and conditions.

 Much like the T3 Ankle, the T3 Rugby is incredibly breathable and offers that same arch support making this ideal for longer runs and workouts. This is also made of their enhanced Arrowool(tm), so it’s got a super-soft, comfortable feel and stays light and airy, unlike a cotton sock, and will actually transfer moisture better than merino alone. The T3 Rugby is WORN over the calf athletic companion. The extended calf compression provides a snug fit, keeps muscle groups in place and provides increased blood flow to aid recovery, and also provides additional ankle support while not being nearly as heavy as a typical marathoning sock.

Your socks are the only thing between you and your shoes, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be making sure that the buffer between your shoes and feet gives you the support you need and WORN’s performance socks are an incredible option to treat your feet right.

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