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Wuru Wool Everyday Zip-Up | RY Outfitters First Look

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Everyday Zip-Up

Wuru Wool has been known to make some incredible merino wool-based apparel to their product line and their newly introduced Everyday Zip-up perfectly follows their theme of making great apparel. This zip-up is extremely well made, cozy, functional, and easy on the eyes. Additionally, their addition of bringing Nuyarn fabric into the design of this zip-up improves the quality across the board in terms of performance. Compared to traditional ring spun merino fabric Nuyarn is roughly 16% stronger, 35% loftier, dries 5x faster, is 25% warmer, and is 120% tougher. Truth be told we didn’t really know where the term “loftier” fit into the entire picture so we went the extra mile and googled the definition. “Lofty; Adjective – of majestic or imposing height. Exalted or noble in character or nature. Huh… Fabric so elegant it’ll make you feel like royalty? Nice.

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Keep yourself fashionably wrapped in functional apparel with Wuru Wool

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