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Yoke Chuck Box Camp Kitchen

The worst part of any camping trip? Countless hours of prepping and packing.

Making all the lists, planning out your trip, and gathering all the cooking supplies on top of everything else. It’s like the storm before the calm. Thankfully, Yoke has created an all-in-one outdoor kitchen that includes everything you need to prepare your food while camping.

Yoke is a fun, family owned brand who’s passionate about promoting a culture of enjoying the great outdoors more and providing people with the camp kitchen tools to do just that. Their specialty is helping adventure seekers have easier outdoor cooking experiences with their portable chuck box camp kitchen. Proudly made in Minnesota, they have mastered the process to create the ultimate all-in-one camping kitchen tool. Their manufacturing includes a durable roto-molded construction process during the manufacturing process to ensure their products are able to withstand any outdoor adventure.

The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen with Sink delivers on all of Yoke’s promises. Yoke pours all their resources into this kitchen set to make your life easier and give you an all-in-one option to store, transport, and organize everything you need for outdoor cooking. It has multiple compartments for plenty of storage and fits your camp stove, dishes, utensils, pots and pans, spices, pantry items, and cleaning supplies. 

This portable kitchen eliminates the hassle of losing kitchen items because it has a spot for everything that you need to bring with you. The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen is equipped with a pull-out silverware drawer, pull-out utility drawer, sink/utility bin, and compartment dividers built in.


They are so confident in their manufacturing process, Yoke provides a lifetime guarantee for the Chuck Box. The roto-molding, high quality manufacturing process creates a superior, durable, and long-lasting product that can go with you on all your future trips. This isn’t a massive operation with a big assembly line process. Each box is crafted by a person who cares about making your outdoor experience memorable and not a hassle or kitchen nightmare.


Prepping for your next camping trip doesn’t have to be a big stressful production. With the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen, you’ll be able to take the all-in-one box to store, transport, and organize everything you need for your outdoor kitchen. So if you’re ready to have stress free camping preparations for your next trip, check out Yoke and the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen with Sink for all your outdoor cooking needs. 


Let prepping for camping feel like the calm before the calm.

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