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York Athletics The Henry Half & Half Reflective Edition | RY Outfitters First Look


The Henry Half & Half Reflective Edition

The Henry Half & Half Reflective Edition is an incredible pair of cross-trainers that will take you from your daily commute to work, to the gym, and out-and-about around town. These lightweight, sneakers are extremely breathable and were designed specifically for comfort with function in mind. These are the sneakers you can wear just about anywhere; for the individual who has a tight schedule but isn’t quite willing to sacrifice work, gym time, or their social life. Their slipper inspired design makes them easy to slip on and off and with the added bonus of the reflective strips on these shoes is you can be seen in low light for those late-night workout sessions. If you want comfort, style, and function all wrapped up in one pair of trainers than The Henry is what you’re looking for.

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