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Climbing first became popular towards the end of the 19th-century and the start of the 20th-century across Europe. In the latter stages of the 20th-century on into the first decades of the 21st-century, there has been a huge growth in climbing and bouldering in America leading to a rise in the number of people taking part in the sport. Alongside the increasing number of new climbers joining in the fun, the number of products, accessories and your new climbing essentials on the market has also grown. Listed below are some of the best brand names in climbing that you should check out before heading to the mountains.


The Rhino Skin Abuse Specialist Pack

The Rhino Skin brand has been developed specifically to help climbers as they navigate the sharpness of rocks and the damage done to the skin following each climbing expedition. The Abuse Specialist Pack is one of the favorites of climbers around the world who appreciate the non-greasy formula of the products created that can make it easy for you to care for your hands and climb efficiently.


Static Chalk Bags

The Static brand was formed in 2014 in San Diego, California and is proud to create handmade items that have been manufactured in the company’s home city ever since. One of the most famous and essential items you will need is the chalk bag that is created from a waxed canvas to create the perfect combination of style and durability for the hardiest climbers and those just setting out on their climbing career.

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Lever Gear

If you are searching for the perfect tool for a specific job, Lever Gear can help you out. Lever Gear’s mission is to create tools that are multifunctional that lasts a lifetime. Their Toolcard, Toolcard Pro and other EDC tools make it easy to have all of the resources you need in a compact, easy to carry piece of equipment. Some of their products are even small enough to carry in your wallet or purse!


OMBRAZ Reinvent Sunglasses

Sunglasses have remained the same for decades with the sidearms making it difficult for every climber to keep their glasses intact for the long-term. If worn for longer periods of time, they also start to hurt your head too. Ombraz sunglasses can be stored away in a climbing backpack or in a back pocket without the fear of breaking a sidearm and making the glasses unusable in the future. Make sure to include this one on your new climbing essentials list.


Stay Dry and Warm in a Boulder Denim Puffy Jacket

Climbing means you make your way through a range of different environments and weather conditions with the best equipment needed to keep you dry and warm when you are ascending or descending every hill or mountain. Wearing a Boulder Denim women’s puffy jacket that combines style and efficiency will give you the chance to enjoy a vegan-friendly garment designed to keep you happy as you go about your climb in a safe and efficient manner.


Sustainability is Important for Flying Squirrel Outfitters

Making climbing and outdoor products from sustainable materials is a major part of life for those who spend their time outdoors. Sustainability is a major part of the work of Flying Squirrel Outfitters who have created the largest hammocks available including a 21 square feet option that is perfect for any base camp. 


Stay Stylish with Livsn Climbing Essentials

The ability to stay stylish when you are climbing is something each climber wants to think about when they are looking for the clothing needed to look good and stay warm. Livsn creates a range of t-shirts that are 70 percent recycled that has the ability to wick moisture away from the climber’s body and they make some of the greatest pants you could ever own!

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Stay Healthy with Nutra Climb

Staying healthy is vital to enjoying a successful climbing career that should include the best in supplements. The Nutra Climb Climber Pre Workout+ is available in six packets that make it easy to be taken just before embarking on a workout that remains gluten and caffeine-free.


Huppy Bars keep you Moving on any Climb or Hike

Those of us who have been on any climbing or hiking expedition know how difficult it can be to keep on moving when hunger strikes and a healthy snack is needed. Huppy bars have been created in a range of flavors that make it easy for you to choose the variety pack that gives every climber two each of the six available flavors.


Roman Trail Outfitters keep you dry and warm

No matter where the trails take us, Roman Trail Outfitters keep you dry and warm on the trail with a range of clothing that is designed to keep adventurers dry and warm. The Austin, TX based brand has created a Merino wool base layer for women that is moisture-wicking and can be hung out to dry for multi-day adventures.

These are just a few of the products that will become your new climbing essentials as you continue to explore the options available on the climbing market. 

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