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Zego Foods Double Protein Oats + Plant-based Protein

Zego’s oats and plant protein are completely gluten-free using their patented Purity Protocol, which provides strict safety standards from seed selection to harvest to processing to ensure the highest level of GF safety.

Their Double Protein Oats are double the protein of typical oats mainly because they don’t heat process them. They’ve created their own processing method from cradle to grave to drastically increase the quality of their products every step of the way. Zego’s oats do taste incredibly fresh and that’s large because of their proprietary method. Typically Oats are precooked which kills off the protein and antinutrients begin to grow in their place. Zego’s oats have no measurable amounts of anti-nutrients, and they’re naturally higher in fiber due to their method of manufacturing.

Zego Food’s Plant-Based Protein is made from Sacha Inchi seeds, an ancient superfood that offers complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids and it’s not processed with chemical enzymes. This tackles two major issues with plant protein, one being incomplete protein chains the other overly processed protein. 

Full transparency on what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how they are doing it. They use the highest purity standards and test for 400 different pesticides, Glyphosate (which is a roundup chemical), and heavy metals in their protein powder and Oats (testing down to 5 parts/mil). If you’re looking for nutrient-packed, safe, and delicious food you can trust then Zego Food is worth checking out!

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