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Sweeper Accounts

Sweeps/Giveaway Accounts will be Disqualified.


Definition of a sweeps/giveaway account:

We view them as an account that is used only or mostly for entering giveaways. Where 60% of the tweets/posts shared on a daily basis are for giveaways that that person is NOT hosting, but has entered and is hoping to win.


What exactly does it mean that they are “disqualified”?

What this means is if you have a sweeps/giveaway account you are still more than welcome to enter – you just are not allowed to use that sweeps/giveaway account to do so.  If you are an action sport enthusiast and participated in any of these activities, then you are more then welcome to enter.

To make this easier to understand, when we check your Instagram, Twitter or facebook entry when pulled- if we see mostly non-giveaway tweet/post in 2-3 scrolls, you are fine to enter.

We are not trying to be difficult, We are trying to weed out a major hassle for ourselves and protect the startups and their current and potential fans.

Why are we disqualifying Sweeps/giveaway accounts?

The goal of RY Outfitters is to help build exposure for action sports startups and to help action sport enthusiast discover new brands that offer awesome products. We are not a giveaway site that caters to giveaway junkies just looking to win as many products as they can.  We know the majority of you are not these people and that this rule may seem harsh, however to protect our community and the brands we work with I ask that you enter with a non sweeps/giveaway account.

We are a community that loves to get outside, whether it’s to make some turns at your favorite hill, go bouldering at your local gym, hike the lost coast, kayak the most gnarly rapids of your life or just hang out with your friends outside.  If you are someone that fits this description than we would love for you to become a part of RY Outfitters, but we hope that you understand why we have introduced this rule.


The RY Outfitters Crew.

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